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Loosing Items when swimming for some time
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I was swimming to the Island south east Corner of the Map.
Half way i suddenly Dropped my Bag and my Weapons.
I did not drop the Melee Weapon (Fireaxe).
The Stuff is swimming in the Ocean, after a while its suddenly Back equipped.
After exploring the Island, i swim back to the Main Land.
Same Stuff again, but this time i didnt stop.
After Climbing out of the Water and wait like 20-30 Seconds, the whole stuff i lose is back on his place.

Equip that dropped:
Mountain Bag, filled with Food, Meds, Ammo (Different Amount on the Back way)
M4 Rifle
The Pistol (not the Magnum)
All my Mags for the M4 (didnt have any for the Pistol)

I do not loose any clothes in the process.


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Go for a Swim

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luv u guys

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 4:27 PM

With stuffed backpack you should have drown.

It's an option for the server admin, he can turn it off or on, so it differs each server.

I believe it's added for realism, try swimming clothes on with an hiking backpack loaded with stuff on your back.

Sd I understand, it is supposed to happen with stuff you carry on your pockets in pants and hoodies as it would in real life, but the backpack?? I'll vote +1 because loosing your backpack for swimming is unrealistic. Still I wan't to say that loosing stuff is supposed to happen while swimming

For as far as i know this is not a bug. You were supposed to lose stuff while swimming. Though an entire backpack and you weapon sounds like a bug.

Trivium added a subscriber: Trivium.May 8 2016, 4:27 PM

It's a bug 100%. I noticed it 2-3 versions before. Had 2 weapons and decided to see what's in the lighthouse near Elektro. Swam and after 20-30 meters weapon in hand dropped. So i got scared to loose the gear and returned to shore. After some time ~10-20 secs gear was back on me.

I just lost my backpack, weapon droped from pants and dropped my main weapon also while swimming. Didn't get it back by dropping items in inventory or relogging. Lost forever :'(

andy added a comment.Nov 18 2014, 3:52 PM

Hi everyone and thank you for your feedback!
We are currently looking into this and I'd prefer to use a newer ticket for the problem - please refer to #18822.
Thanks again,