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Food May Disappear After Opening
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Opening a can of food sometimes causes the food the disappear. Opening another can of food with cause the previously opened food to appear along with the newly opened food.

If the inventory is full while opening and this happens under the same course of action the 1st can will appear but the second can wont until further actions (I wanna say the second can appeared after I ate the first)


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Steps To Reproduce

Open a can of food in backpack.

If it disappears open another to make both cans appear.

Additional Information

This happens with both cans needing a opener and those that don't.

I usually keep food in my hunter's backpack and this is were the bug seems to occur.

My inventory is usually near full.

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I am using 0.56 experimental and have this problem, the opened food appears when I move another item within my backpack

most of the time it "wanders" to the next available spot, which might be inside of a vest inside of a vest inside of...