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Object draw distance and player draw distance with the bubble feature
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It seems the a players model will not be drawn if they are 1k from another player.
But the map objects will draw at a farther distance than this closer to 1.7 or 2k distance.

This means that sometimes you can not see a player unless you take 1 or 2 steps forwards.
Even though all objects around and behind the player are fully rendered.

It seems to me that a lower view distance with a lower object draw distance would make things seem less telporty/magical ? cant think of the word.


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Get a friend to stand 1k from you.
have a long range scope
move away until he disappears
move forward till he appears
repeat :)

Additional Information

I think either the bubble should reflect the view distance and object draw distance. Which will probably cause lag
The view distance and draw distance should be lowered closer to the bubble distance from center of radius (1k).
I think the second option would increase overall performance with a lowered server side view distance of say 1k and objects at 1.5k so they appear to be in the fog effect and have the bubble at 1.1k so players appear inside the fog effect of view distance.

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