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Jumping from ledge into water unequips items.
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I jumped from a stone dam into a river (About 3-4 foot drop) and had some items drop from my inventory. They would not reequip while they or I was in the water.

Everything was floating on the surface of the water as seen in the picture. {F29646}


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Sorry, I don't really want to risk losing my gear without having fun and dieing with it to somebody else.

So I have not tried to reproduce these results in my cowardice.

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Was able to get my items back to shore somehow. I tried too many things to determine what exactly got my items back.

I had to eat rice from my backpack once everything was back on shore, and that reequipped all my gear somehow. Because drag n drop would NOT work even on land.

I won't be diving in water anymore. :3

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