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I glitched into a building, please add respawn button
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My issue isnt that i glitched into the solid bottom part of a building and was unable to get out, but my main issue was my inability to respawn without first getting killed as obviously unless someone else or something else glitches in the same way i cannot be killed, and there for i can leave the vicinity. im bleeding so im very slowly waiting to die but i would just propose a forced re spawn button at least until it is out of alpha so that these types of problems are not continued.


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It was obviously a random occurrence that isn't that common

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A zombie also followed me into the building but was immediately unable to move or attack, and i was unable to punch the zombie as the surrounding environment was once again considered solid, but strangely i am still able to move.

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You can try to resolve this by running against a wall, then hitting esc and exit.
So you character continues to run for some seconds before you log out. When you log back in, you should be out. Well, at least i was.

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May be close this ticket like as obsolete?