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Trampled Grass Does Not Stay Down
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If you're a prone sniper the tall grass gets in the way of your view. My solution to this was to roll on the grass to flatten it into a "shooting lane" so I could have a clear view directly in front of me. Unfortunately, after I had rolled ~ 5-10 meters the grass would pop right back up. Trampled grass should stay down for at least 30 minutes.


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Roll on some grass.
Move 10 meters away.
Go back and look at grass.

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personally i think this is a good thing so snipers cant just sit around and over watch an area with out moving at all and on the flip side if you trampled to much and make yourself obvious it will pop back up and i guess i cant say iv had it as bad as you though bc for me it stayed down for a good 10 mins before popping back up

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Its true that coming back up has positive aspects with snipers but it seems to pop up after only 1 minute for me.

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