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1st person view broken (disconnect between your view and avatar view)
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This report is based off the back of evidence i collected for this bug report on the head torch -

What you see in game when playing in 1st person, is currently often unrelated to what your avatar is doing. This is especially important now with things like head torches and other items you can wear on your head (night vision eventually etc).

This is especially critical when using TrackIR (a supported device) as it makes life very difficult sometimes when navigating around the world.


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The easiest way to reproduce these effects is to get a working head torch as the cone of light produced by the head torch gives you an easily reproduce-able 'measure' of how what you view is not what your avatar is doing.

Additional Information
  1. I would like to see the 1st person view reworked to have your view coming from between the eyes of your avatar.
  2. I would like my view to remain 'locked' between the eyes of my avatar at all times, For animations, if this means my view following the head during the animation sequence then I feel this would be a better portrayal of whats happening.

During crouch or prone for example, there is no need for my avatars head/view to differ from where I am looking at any given moment.

  1. I REALLY would like to finally see the back of seeing my own headless body, eyes at the side of my own head view...

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