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ACOG and M4
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With ACOG and M4 aiming (RMB) show the back of head, no ACOG


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Does a relog fix this?

are you tapping the RMB or holding it?

sheLLHD added a subscriber: sheLLHD.May 8 2016, 4:02 PM

I had the same problem, aswell with m68 combat sight

when i removed it, it was perfectly fine everytime i added the scope to the weapon it was the same bug again. swapping scopes with a mates fixed it for me, he had no problems with my scope and otherwise...

tested different FOV's didnt fix it for me

noobfun added a subscriber: noobfun.May 8 2016, 4:02 PM

might be your FOV is set to high, have you tried adjusting it?

ReVoltZ added a subscriber: ReVoltZ.May 8 2016, 4:02 PM

I have the same problem.
A relog doesn't fix it.
Every other scope works on the M4.
But my view is under the Scope,not the back of my head.