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Infected can pass through any barrier
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Infected can pass through any wall/door/fence/chair/table with impunity. This happens all the time.


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Well Danners, you certainly could have done worse. :)

Perhaps you should have stepped back yourself and thought "maybe the person who posted this was a noob at the time", which I was. Also, the phrase "Infected Pass through barriers" and variations of same return no search results...I guess everyone calls them Zombies on here.

I have no idea how it got to the top of the view page, nothing to do with me!

Anyway fair play, and good luck with your surviving and bugging :)

We all have 20/20 hind sight, let's us look upon this as naught more than a learning curve, hopefully this issue gets fixed soon,

Safe scavving, successful reporting,

may just be noob talk now, but let's leave the off topic-ness here and perhaps try to be a little moreproductive (more aimed at myself than anyone else)

Perhaps other new reporters will see this and learn from my mistakes.... I probably won't ;)

Having only been a member of this community less than 3 weeks, I dare say I could have done worse, we all have to start you'll pick up on the fact the only 2 reports I made were in themselves duplicates, let's just say leanring curves and leaveit there for another time and another place,

And then consider that this report was left untouched since it was posted and somehow made it onto the top lines of the view page it stands to reason a newbie would make a mistake such as necro-ing a post like this.... Someone had to

Wow're sharp...only took part of a month for you to pick that one out? :)

Good on yer, great contribution there :D

Supr3m3 added a subscriber: Supr3m3.May 8 2016, 3:59 PM

This is by far the most annoying bug lol. i can take the fps drop in bigger towns but infected that u cannot trick by running zig zag trough fences and shit sucks.

consider the search feature, this is one of the many over duplicated issues

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Zombies clipping through objects is a known issue.

Please refer to the primary report at #77