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[EXPLOIT] Ammo boxes that can store anything..
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On the ground I saw an ammo box. Since I had a full inventory I decided to carry it by hand while walking out of the military building to avoid running into others. While i had my ammo box in my hand i saw a canteen. I needed a canteen so i walked to it and used the TAB menu to double click on the canteen and moved on.

Moments later i noticed, when dragging ammo to the ammo box to create the space for it in my inventory, that the canteen was 'inside' the ammo box. I could take it out and use it.

I noticed that I could put everything inside the ammo box, including an ammo box, as long as it is carried by hand. {F29446}


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fill up inventory, drop ammmo box, pick up ammo box with hands, pick up stuff (it goes inside ammo box) make room in inventory, load ammo box inside. done.

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This way the storage ingame is infinite as long as you have a few ammo boxes. Takes a little management to get all the items out that you wanted but hey, at least you alot of storage space

see attached picture

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This is a known issue with ALL inventory items that have space, especially mountain backpacks. Please read other posts first or use search function.