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Revolver needs adjustments (reloading, inspection window)
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The rotation of the revolver in the inspection window is off to the far right, rather then centered, leads to a rotation of the weapon off screen (unlike other weapons - simply over looked)

The ability to load more rounds into a half empty revolver is so far impossible for me to figure out. Upon right clicking the weapon to search for a unload/eject option, only inspect pops up. The ability to right click, and load rounds is not there, and when you drag the rounds to the weapon system, it says its already full (which I know its not I just fired to rounds. What type of idiot walks around with only 4 rounds in his weapon!? :D)


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Open inspection window, rotate revolver, watch the offset (far right)

Fire the weapon, attempt to load another round, or eject old rounds, unable.

Must spend all rounds loaded into weapon before its a option to reload.

Also note that the weapon always seems to fire LOW and LEFT, as if the raycast or whoever the Arma Engine handles ballistics is off as compared to the sights - I was 20 meters away from a sign, fired 6 rounds, all rounds landed about 4" down and 7" left.

I will update to show the off-set of rotation if needed.

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