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Rubberband address (old verison report, updated reporting)
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Hey guys. The ping I was playing with was 110-140ish during play. I often saw red chain connection status, I played for roughly 45 minutes, to test this out, I had some mild rubberband take place, on a very short distance.

Instead of it being a rubberband effect however, it seemed to "stutter" my connection and warp me back .5 meters or something very small, in rapid succession, for about 2 or 3 second duration. The zombies and everything else seemed to be running find (no frame drops, rain was pouring nicely, zombies still chasing me). It happened twice within that play session.

As compared to other builds, and better ping servers - I've only been snap'd back once, it was roughly 700 meters from where I was in game, I logged right away (thought it was a script kiddie, it wasn't.).

All in all, since I've had a very MILD problem with getting rubberband'ed back to old locations, but I saw 2 minor rubberband stutters in this recent experimental build I get slightly worried that others that experience this some what often might not see a cure but a curse.

However, I often only play on 80 or low ping servers, and this could have been due to simply having a higher ping. I just wanted to give a general feedback/review of the 3933 build.


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110 + ping, 113933 build. 45 mins of play, very minor stutters (not rubberbands) happen in rapid succession, not a game breaking issue.

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The 030113933 build is still "pending" at this time.

The version is still 925.

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For some of you that DON'T know about the games experimental choices...
The current testing build IS 030113935...

You can find TEST servers for 030113933.

The current RELEASED verison is 030113925...

Check into how to Opt into betas on Steam, and you'll know whats going on then. No disrespect.

0.32.114557 rubberbanding has turned into minor harsh glitches back. Servers seem more unstable, often getting more yellow/red chains, and even some crashes. Playing 2 servers they both went down within a 5 minute period, then the second one (once rejoined) went down shortly after (maybe 10 minutes later.)

Buddy has also noticed reduced performance (less long term rubberband, but short banding is happening most often in servers even with 50/60 ping for us)

Just wanted to give additional feedback on the same old topic.