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Insta-killed on East Coast shipwreck
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Twice now I've been insta-killed whislt exploring the wreck. First time I was outside on the top deck at the bow and died when trying to pick up some loot. Second time I was outside by the cabin just taking in the view. Next thing, black screen and "you are dead".

In the background of the death screen I could see my body lying in the surf, so I'm guessing I maybe glitched & fell through the ship?


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Explore the shipwreck, death will find you...

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Same happened to me, on the stairs down to the middle of the wreck from the keel side. I didn't fall, just died instantly while going down the stairs.

Confirming something similar just happened to me at the shipwreck.
I was fully geared, walking crouched with M4 in hand but not at the eye, through the wreck on the bridge level. Walked down to the front of the ship, and suddenly was "bounced" about 30 feet out over open space and fell to my death down about 100 feet.
I saw no apparent collision and cannot be sure if it was lag or not. All I saw was crouch-walking along outside on the bridge level and bounced/warped out over the open area to fall.

Logged out on top deck. Logging back in made me fall through the whole ship into water.

The same happened to me! I Was just up to get a potato in the deck of the ship and...... You are dead....

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