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Ladders Kill players too
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When i try to climb down a ladder, my character wants to run off or walk of to his death, after this it does that it will briefly show you on the ladder, but it would be to late because the character is dead.


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Step one. Look at ladder from a tower or industrial building, Office building.
Step two. try to go down the ladder, your character will sometimes decide to take a leap of faith, in which the faith part is absent, leading to the players death.

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back in DayZ mod this never happened, and i would like it to be more like the mod action of climbing down ladders or approaching a ladder even it was, clumsy and stupid looking, it got the job done.

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you can easily avoid since by being stand-up before taking the ladder ! happened to me twice, real frustrating !

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Please refer to the primary ladder thread at #155