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Death without an apparent cause
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I've had this happen twice now since the new patch. I will be playing, geared up, and healthy and then the "you are dead" screen will pop up out of nowhere during gameplay.

The first time I had been playing my character awhile. I logged off, went to bed, and played it again after work the next day. I was in a server with one friend who was nowhere nearby. I played for awhile and fought a few zombies. The only weird thing I noticed is the zombies hitting me a few times but I had no blood or warning message that I was bleeding. I thought this was weird, but I thought "Well, that's one less thing to have to worry about right now." I proceeded to climb to the top inner floor of the firehouse. There I opened up my inventory and was messing around when suddenly "you are dead" popped up on the screen. This was about 10-15 minutes after having logged into the game.

I had a friend login that had also logged out in the same area the night before to go look at my body. On my screen it showed me on the top floor laying there, on his it showed my body had fallen out of the window and onto the roof. It's not possible that I hit V and stepped out of the window because it won't allow that action while I'm in my inventory.

My only theory at the time was that the game was bugged in some way and that I was actually bleeding from those zombie blows. Even though it didn't show up in the lower right hand corner, no physical blood coming out that I could see, and no status message next to my character in the inventory screen saying I was bleeding.

I also, just minutes ago, had it happen again. After my first time I was more cautious. Even after a zombie would fight me and I would either bleed or not bleed I would bandage anyways. Just to be safe.

I had logged in from a few hours of playing this morning and I was, again, on the third floor of a building. A different type of building in a completely different part of the map. I did not spawn in this building, I had made my way into it after a few minutes of gameplay. I was scrounging around looking for things and came across some bullets. I was in my inventory screen about to pick them up when again, out of nowhere, it said that I had died. I had not seen/heard any zombies or players. No shots or blows. Nothing. Just dead. I had no engaged any enemies since logging in. This was maybe 10-15 minutes after logging in just like the first time I had died.


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It seems random.

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happenned to me yesterday, i was with a friend we were fighting around one of these building with a jail at the entrance.

some guys tried to ambush us so we fastly ran into the build, went to 2nd floor then i bandaged myself because i took a bullet and was bleeding , so i stopped bleeding and my friend who was untouched was covering the only entrance of the building so noone could kill me but after some minutes looking around the windows of the building to spot enemies i just died for no reason at all ... was i still bleeding ? noone could shit me (they had m4 wich is way too unprecise to shoot someone on the 2nd floor from a distance i can't see him) didnt even hear any bullet sound i just died for nothing ... :/

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I just died in the 3rd floor of a building. Maybe its because i bugged through a wall, fell down and died. My buddies found me laying behind the house on ground level.
I've had it before that I suddenly moved behind a house i was standing in.

This is VERY annoying.

Same problem found in a barn ,
Sat down and eat and you are dead , friend found me on the first floor , was on the second.

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Were you guys in "Healthy" status? There is a glitch where you can drop down a floor. Collision on elevated floors are really dodgy. It is possible that you were on low health, glitched to the floor, but instead of breaking your legs, you died because you were on low health.

Happened to me on the second floor of a barn. I went to my inventory, then I heard my character yell, closed my inventory to find myself on the floor. My legs had been broken.

You dont have to be on low health to die because of this bug. Happend to me twice and I was perfectly healhy.. then my body was found next to the building in which i was when it happend.

Some friends and I have been into the military structure, to the first floor. I ran near the bench, just after the stairs to get items around, and then I was dead. when echap, I seen my body outdoor the building, laying on the ground. I think I kinda "slipped" through the window, even if I didn't ran into it. I've seen zombies make the same mistake on others buildings lol :) They were dead, laying on the ground outdoor just like me.

NB : We didn't ear any gunshot.

Similar instance has occurred rarely for me as well. Unknown reproducibility, has occurred only on an empty server.

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OMFG, guys you're soooooooo slowpoked.

In some of UPDATES there was information about new innovation!


There KILLING ZONE now inside a wall with ladder. So. Your client-side desync tells server that you tried to use this bug while you running around floors by-stairs inside fire-station.


Just imagine that you fallen out the window because of your running around inside 2m² room with 4 windows. :D

Can you run around inside your bathroom fast without traumas? I can't)

@Albrat you're talking nonsense. I used the firestation ladder bug last week ... and there wasn't any information about the new "innovation". You are either a troll or an idiot, sorry about that.

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Happened to me two times since the new patch 45.124426

SITTING and using inventory on metal stairs like firestation, airfield tower or factorybuilding. Instand dead. Healthy and empty server

Happend to me at the NW Airfield in the ATC tower. Went downstairs on empty server suddenly "My Leg is in Pain" You are dead.

A Day before: NW Airfield staying in an hanger and looking at the atc. The server restarts. By rejoining in the same server. A short scream. Screen turns gray and instantanious black. Message "your leg is in Pain" and YOU ARE DEAD

Nearly happend to me again today. Again at the NW Airfield. Entered the Jailhouse and went upstairs. Standing in the room upstairs without moving, suddenly my screen turns gray for a 10th of a second. Instantanious i checked the inventory and my pants and shoes got ruined. No shots, no players.

The "random death" has happened to me twice so far. Both times I was outsdie either laying down or standing there and then legs broken followed by you are dead.

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its happened to me several times, today i was on the second floor of a prison found some cool loot( i already checked and no one or any zombies were around me) went to sort my inventory than bam insa your dead screen. ( i was energized hydrated and healthy when it happened)

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jup, still ingame. no wonder with the massive desync that is currently harassing everyone. Died yesterday up the stairs in those tin sheds with the blue double doors.

The server desyncs with you and you will be forced to the position he thinks you are in. Movement on z-axis = fall damage gets applied = death.

Ridiculous, but that's just DayZ I guess.