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FNX45 mag ruined while in hands because pants "containing" the weapon was hit by M4 bullet in firefight.
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I had an FNX45 and was holding it/firing it during a firefight. The enemy shot me with an M4 while I was running for cover, hitting my legs leading to a ruined (black) cargo pants and thus ruining the items in it. While my FNX45 was normally stored in the pants, I was actually holding it when my pants were hit. Even so, the mag in my FNX45 was ruined because of this. This might extend to other clothing items too.

edited because my previous conclusion was false.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Store a loaded weapon in a black cargo pants (or possibly other clothing item).
  1. Hold the weapon in your hands.
  1. Get shot in the clothing item that is "containing" the weapon.
  1. See your magazine get ruined.

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All I can contribute to this, is that upon shooting someone.. I have yet to find anything what-so-ever, in any container, any weapon, any attachment that wasn't ruined upon being shot 2-3 times.