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[FEATURE REQUEST] Balancing of server hopping in PVP
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There is obvious concern and exploitation of the ability to hop to a different server and be on the same hive, in the same place with the same gear (perhaps ready to kill).

There is a method you could try to stem PVP server hoping exploitation by introducing warning signals or messages that appear when a player logs in near you or if you are going to log in near other players.

This would provide knowledge of someone suddenly appearing in your building, for instance. It would also provide some comfort to players spawning in they wont get killed instantly.

The downside obviously is people will know when someone spawns in the area and engage appropriately.

A side effect would be less pvp in most servers at high value zones, more server used and more looted at those areas.

I think this would be an acceptable effect as the benefits outweigh the cons in my eyes.


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Player Logging In

A confirmation dialog appears before the player spawns in the world telling the player there are others near and if they would like to continue than accept the confirmation dialog.

Player in an area when someone joins

A notification message should show that a player has spawned close to them.

Whether or not the message appears for every player near or if these dialogs appear on server restart? unsure..

Additional Information

Discussion is obviously needed

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It is like that at the moment. If someone spawns next to you you will hear a reloading sound(with all weapons even shovels, axes, dont know if the sound appears if they are completely unarmed).
Problem with it is that the ingame sounds are messed up as hell and you never know if its just a bug or theres really someone who spawned next to you.

I like your Idea, this way some of the hoppers might rethink where they are spawning at.

FinKone added a subscriber: FinKone.May 8 2016, 3:50 PM

I don't. Most will have the balls to spawn in anyways. Now they have new found knowledge to search the area and kill the player in the military area.

Not to mention a player mechanic could be abused on a smaller level by said script kiddies. I don't want to hand them a half finished player location function, they need to at least make their own.

Honestly, if you are logging off in a area where you have to worry about someone hearing you, or you are worried in general you are one of the following...

A person server hopping at some airstrip or other building of interest.

A person that doesn't understand the concept of a safe log out.

You spend hours working out gear, going from building to building, and I understand sometimes life can interrupt the video game world, but the fact is find a nice safe bush to come in at thats not in downtown...

From another suggestion :

The idea suggested that a person be warped outside the city if they log off in a area of interest is a better route in my opinion. It not only makes it so players take longer when server hopping to grab gear, makes it harder for said groups to stay together, and puts them at additional risk for not logging off in a secure place, it also lets players CLEAR the city, and HOLD a building for sure without wondering if some server hopper' is coming in right behind them, also helping players that currently get stuck in walls get unstuck.