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[DUPLICATION OF ITEMS] More so a dupe of the entire character.
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Well since its Alpha, and I test more then I play, it is entirely possible to dupe items, well for the most part, a character.

It seems to work best when close to a city, as the loading stress help I believe.

Whats done to get a duplicate character made is

Find a server,
Log into it,
When you see the "wait for Host", and the "ready..." in the bottom left,
Press escape in a timely manner. If done correctly the game will not load in,
You will be put at the main menu,
If you rejoin that server you'll find your duplicate character there.

From what it seems, the character is grab'd from the hive, instantiated, but no return message is sent back that the player was in, so it creates a player model with the items, but the link between the 2 fail. (this is just what I think), when the player rejoins he can kill the duplicate he created and grab the gear.

If the option to leave the server (pressing escape before it loads in entirely) was removed, or perhaps given a timer to ignore the players press (15 seconds should do it) then this problem would be prevented.

I'm not doing it to get a head I'm doing it to better the game. My research of this bug is complete, and it is pretty easy to check out, (4 out of 10 times I got it complete). I did not loot my own gear, I did hide my body, and just wanted you guys to know about this.

I later did a google search to see if it was common knowledge and it appears so. It is very easy to find a step by step guide.


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Hello FinKone,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this issue. I'll close your ticket, since this should now have been fixed.