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Bodies in alive positions
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Bodies of killed players can use alive position such as crouching or standing.

I believe the body stays in the position it was in when it was killed but I am not 100% sure on that.


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Kill players in different ways while they are in different positions.

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Was playing as medic yesterday and came across two players kneeling on ground bleeding out. Bandaged both and got a message like 'Successfully bandaged unknown agent' (Might not be exact wording).

I'm assuming that these were bodies of players who had respawned or logged out. A PITA as I spent a good deal of time trying to revive these players.

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My friend bandaged a guy and he said that it said 'unknown entity'

i've seen this a few times, bandaged a couple of unconcious one stood/crouched seen a few prone and some stood randomly,

if these people have items in their hands and you "loot" it from their still dripping corpses they appear to be holding the item still...