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M4A1 - T3N RDS Optics - vision bug
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Hello, if you equip M4A1 with T3N RDS Optic and you are lying on the ground you will have half of your screen black but if you use ALT key (look around) you can see your gun.

{F29353} {F29354} {F29355}


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I have M4A1 with:
Suppresor 556 (pristine)
ATLAS bipod (Damaged)
T3N RDS Optic ( pristine)
M4 Buttstock MP magpul- (worn)
M4 Handguard MP magpul(black)- (pristine)
and 30rd STANAG coupled - (damaged)

Additional Information

This happens only when I am lying.

I have added a screenshots with zoomed optic.

I wanted to make a screenshot with using the ALT key but when I wanted to screenshot it my game freezed for 15 secs repeatedly ( I was using Steam F12 screen shoting).

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Just wanted to add on to this as I was about to report this bug as well. This was a first person server and it only happens when I zoom in with the weapon. Perhaps it is some piece of clothing causing some clipping issue. I have attached some screenshots to show it in various positions (looking up, then down, then down again), though I did not try to hold Alt to look around.

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I second this - I have had a issue with ONLY this optic in first person (from the standing/taking a knee).

Mine was clipping from the left side of the character - I had a black tactical vest on w/ a white/black checker shirt.

Changing the FOV slider did not correct the issue though.