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Camera X-axis sensitivity changing on movement
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when standing still my x-axis sensitivity is incredibly low making it very hard to turn and look around. this sensitivity increases to a greater value when i am in some sort of motion. it increases to an even bigger value when i am running into something.


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i have no idea if this is just my game or my hardware.

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it doesn't appear to affect the y-axis.
while not game breaking this bug is very annoying as i have to be constantly in motion to have a reasonable mouse sensitivity when standing still and while moving.

the game version is whatever steam is updated to

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This is not just you. It's the retarded smoothing and acceleration they implemented in the game which is broken. There are multiple reports for this and rocket commented on reddit that it will take time to fix it as it effects another aspect of game play ... such as with different rifle butt your movement behaves differently. Lots of players are for removing that negative acceleration completely and make it only raw input 1:1 just like it is in Arma2.

Yup i am Experiencing this as well. Maybe an option to turn of the movement speed difference between standing still and walking would be nice.

Mouse sensitivity on the x-axis appears to be doubled when the player is in contact with certain kinds of geometry. I often fail to make the turn around staircase railings, because my character does a fast 180.