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You are dead, very randomly
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  So I just spawned after running off of a roof to my death(damn, huh?), not quite sure where it was, but I started jogging over to a warehouse in a small harbor. 
  Halfway there I looked behind me and saw another spawn, so I started sprinting. I reached the warehouse, sprinted up the stairs in search of a weapon, found a shirt and something else, as soon as I went to grab the shirt, through TAB menu, the Screen went black, you are dead. 

  Then I came here, don't know if this is common or a server deal or what. Good luck with the updating this awesome game.


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It's quite possible you were killed by a sniper or something through a window.

You may be getting killed by people who are deleting PHB or whatever those files are called. Basically people are forcing their game-clients to report false information to the server.