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When holding deeply nested containers player is unable to interact with items in environment or move items within inventory
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When holding deeply nested containers (for example: 10+ plastic protection cases nested within each other) you will become unable to interact with other items. You will not be able to place items from your inventory into your hands and you will not be able to pick up items from the ground. When you try to place an item from your inventory onto the ground, it will appear to do nothing, however when you log into another server that item will be missing. If you drop the the nested containers, nothing will appear to happen, but when you log back in to the server or another, the item will be dropped and you will return to normal.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Obtain 10 or more yellow protection cases (exact number not known)
  2. Nest containers within each other and place in inventory
  3. Log out and back in to any server
  4. Attempt to interact with items on the ground, or place a gun into your hand
  5. If able to interact normally, increase nested container level and repeat steps 2-4

You must log out and back in to a server to see problem for the first time

Additional Information

It also seemed like I experienced a large amount of lag after joining a server with a large number of nested items. I observed that items on the ground would continue to load and appear for several minutes despite a faster server with low ping time. After dropping the nested containers this problem also went away.

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Stop this stuff pls, this may lag the server hard and makes it unplayable for the other players on it.

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I confirm this. Happened to me yesterday when I had a medic kit in a protector case.
I was totally unable to interact with everything.