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Walking around while looking with the Alt key i can no longer use the mouse to change walking direction.
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I walk/crawl in third person, i push the Alt key to look to the left and to the right. And sometimes this gets "stuck" or something like that. So after releasing the Alt Key i can stil only look around and no longer change my moving direction with the mouse. I Tried Alt Tabing out and back in. Trying to pres Esc, Alt and allmost every button on my KB/M but the only thing that helps with this is to exit the game and restart the game. Only when i use iron sights while this happens i can control my walk direction again with the mouse. After i go from iron sights back to higher ready it becomes "bugged" again.


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dont know excatly. I was crawlingin 3rd person, looking around with alt, zooming in with Right mouse button and pushing the forward key on my KB.

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Not a bug, double tab alt.