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Handcuff, forcefeed, bloodbag etc another player from any viewable range.
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I have not attempted to follow through with these options but they all presented themselves to me when I was holding the item in my hands and aimed at a "dot" of a person at a well over 300m away.


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Get a friend, or a foe as far as you can zoom in and see, throw a banana in your hands and scroll wheel over the player the option to forcefeed will appear.

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I was able to handcuff people from extreme distance but it always fail. Says handcuff fell off 'cause player was moving, even if they were standing completely still. Same with trying to force feed. Funny.

isaac_miles whew that makes it a bug and not a gamebreaker! I had no friends on to replicate and follow through with. It was totally an accident when it happened I just drank from a well ran away to eat, seen another player approach the well I left.. I retreated further away with the food still in my hand and looked back. And voila I seen the options. I was thinking of giving the player some disinfectant but couldn't bear to do it so cheatingly <<Not a word, but it fits.