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Crouch -> Sprint -> Return to Crouch.
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I've noticed it's not possible to be crouching, and then quickly sprint and return to crouch position - just by hitting the sprint key..

It's not game breaking as you can just Stand up -> Sprint -> and then Crouch again, but it's unnecessary and kinda mechanic to do all of that.

I really miss being able to crouch, and then if hell breaks loose - hit the sprint bind - sprint to safety or cover, and return to crouch position when releasing the sprint key.


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Crouch -> Hit Sprint key (Nothing happens)

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I could imagine this is fairly easy to fix, and would be a nice addition to the fluid motions of your character.

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I like this, have my upvote.

Why thank you. It was possible to do in the mod, so I don't know why that feature isn't present in the Standalone. (yet)

I have the same thoughts, its slow and awkward to have to hit multiple keys to do that. All FPS can go from crouch to run with the run command.

I find myself struggling with that too, while in crouch position i hear gun shot and/or zeds around and want to print, spamming W without results since i'm crouched.

I wouldn't mind staying in stand-up position after sprinting as long as it's possible to start while crouched.