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"Prison" Military Building; I glitched through a wall and was stuck in an invisible room.
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I walked into the military building with a prison to its right behind the entrance, passed the iron bars to head for the stairs and while walking close to the walls on the left, my character glitched through the wall, which you see in front of you, when you enter the building. My character stood on earth below the building floor level and i could look through the walls next to me. I could not get back through any of the invisible walls around me, until i used the "v" climbing button a lot near the computer desk in the room to the right. {F29309}


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I could not reproduce this situation so far and forgot to make a screenshot.
As I mentioned you CAN get out the way i decribed. I hope this helps.

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I can confirm this and can also tell you that this glitch/cheat is now actively being exploited. People are gearing up by hopping servers and using the glitch as cover.
Steps to reproduce:
Cary primary weapon.
Sprint towards inner northern wall.
Press jump when you are going to hit the wall.

Both upstairs as downstairs this is possible. See screenshots attached for downstairs.

This is a duplicate report.

Refer to 0008063: Jail wall glitches for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.

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