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Jail/Prison Glitch
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This glitch makes the dude go inside of the wall in the Jail/Prison buildings and that person can't escape, or get hurt by someone not in the glitch with him, but the person inside of the wall can see through pretty much all of the walls in the building. So what has happened to me and others multiple times is, a dude server hops while in that glitch, while his buddies are logged out in the Jail/Prison. When the dude in the glitch finds people in the Jail/Prison, his buddies log in and kill the unsuspecting people fairly looting the Jail/Prison.


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Basically if you run into a certain bunk bed in the Jail/Prison buildings, (every single one of the Jail/Prison buildings seem to have this problem). You get stuck inside of the wall.

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This has happened to me multiple times and is really breaking the game for anyone who wants military loot.

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Can confirm this.
Same glitch as I described here:
Needs fixing!

This is a duplicate report.

Refer to 0008063: Jail wall glitches for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.