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Reload M4A1 magazine from yellow protector case *appears* to dupe magazine [Secondary Report with Video]
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Reload of M4A1 from a magazine inside a yellow protector case appears to duplicate the magazine. However, the magazine is not usable and disappears after first removing from the yellow protector case and then detaching magazine from the rifle either manually or by reloading a different magazine.


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Steps To Reproduce

Remove mag from rifle.
Store mag in yellow protector case.
Reload rifle (from mag in yellow protector case).
Magazine appears to remain in yellow protector case, and also to be loaded into rifle.
Loaded mag can be removed and duplicated mag stays in yellow protector case.
If duped mag is removed from yellow protector case and then loaded mag is removed, it will disappear immediately.

Additional Information

Video is on dropbox as 13mb size too large (i couldn't get it smaller without rendering it entirely useless).

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They did not report that the duplicate magazine is not usable/disappears.

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Acknowledged in later report.