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Too much military loot
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I know you guys are testing; but since you're testing, I'll give my two cents about it:

There is waaay to much military stuff at the military stations. Waay too many; you get inside one, you come out fully equiped, green looking, with helmets and gas masks.

This is a personal statement; but of course the community decides weather it is too much loot, or too few. For me it is too much of everything: weapons, clothes, and ammo.

Take for example, healt care loot; medicins. It's spot on in my opinion: You take quite a lot of time to gather enough supplies to get a blood transfussion (including blood test bags, to know which blood type YOU are, and the foe you got the blood from).

So what do you guy think?. It ends up feeling too military; uniformed people running up north. Would like more civilian stuff, different rain coats, but less vests, less boots, less helmets, less weapons, less weapon gadgets...etc.

Speak up!


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If you didn't know where to look/new to the game you would be complaining that there was hardly any gear at all, because you don't know where to look.

I know when I first joined it took me ages to know where a gun and ammo was lol

Of course, when you're new you know nothing!. I agree with you on that. But once you know, I really feel, mostly up north. Everybody looks the same; helmets, green, fully armed, no diversity in the end; totally militarized. We're civilians, at least at first. And it doesn't take long till you look more like a soldier.

Perhaps there aren't all the items there will be in the future, but since this is alpha, and we're supposed to give devs feedback, that's the feedback I got about this matter.

this isn't a forum... it's a bug report tool btw

Feedback in essence; I guessed speaking our minds out as a community, in any way or form, for any subject related to the game, is good for it self. I don't see any harm in it

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I totally agree with you mate!!!! Right now we have version 0.43 and every player is running around with x MILLION bullets of ammo and the best weapons and loot. Its a survival scenario and who finds ammo after 10 years of beginning of the apocalyps? maybe 5 bullets of a pistol but anything hight is just unrealistic. I now it plays in russia but even the russian zivilan population hasnt got enough ammo for ten years to fire. zivilians normaly havent got ammo... and the millitary would just get out of the area and away from the epidemic. I want the game to be like the dayz mod dayz 2017 where its really hard to survive and not so nooby easy as it is now in the SA :( I definitely agree with you!

Yeah dislike and KoS more!

There is way too much weaponry and ammo!

My experience after 230+ hours of game play is that a player wants to get a gun/rifle asap, even I as a non-KOSer.

I mean, if in a zombie <i><b>survival</b></i> game, the <i>survival</i> aspect gets so subsidiary, because you have to beware all those people, who seem to confuse DayZ with CoD, where's the survival then? What's different between DayZ and Wasteland (ArmA Mod) except for the zombies?

The creators actually said themselves that though weapons wouldn't be that hard to find, ammo would be really rare. Well, when I find an ammo box, it doesn't take a few hours until it was filled with 5.56 and 7.62 rounds.

If finding a weapon or ammo would be sort of an "OMG moment" and if players would find only 10 or 20 bullets within a whole day, they would care about it and would probably not KOS (so much) just for fun.


Completely agree... Far too much ammo...

I think there is a big balance of looting in number, position and quantity to do.

How it's possible to find some fruits in house deserted for years ? Fresh fruits should be found in fields and forest.

Why I just can't find wooden stick, fire wood and stones when I walking in the forest ? Instead to make a fire (not implemented yet, I know, but it will come soon) I have to go for loot in industrial area !?!

You see what I mean. Some loot are completely not logical...

Ammo should have wear too. I don't know all the game cause I have only 40 hours of play, but this far I only found ammo in pristine condition. It should be the contrary. After 40 hours I should have never seen yet an bullet in pristine condition.

We could have as many ammo as now IF those ammo was in bad condition and using damaged and badly damaged ammo should eventually result in guns issues.

Agreed, and adramelek, btw, the button says "feedback".

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We all guess how it works... If to reduce some highly-advantageous equipment, you'll have a "war for one point of the map". Because you should choose between making something to spawn rarely at the same known object and the logic (I don't think that's a right way to make something to spawn unpredictably and rarely but let you to find a box of 5.56 ammo in a civilian building after 100 hours). And let's not to forget that game will stay always symbolical. The reason you won't shoot with a gun around you after 30 hours, is a size of real world. A size only, and locked doors. That's all. The game shows you that you'll have a gun with ammo, earlier or later. And you will shoot, after 30 hours or 150 hours. So in fact it's a question of "should the game have military objects?" Because if there is one - you'll have "soldiers". And if you play only 20 hours, you'll meet someone who has played 320 hours. What's the difference? If a game implies ammo, you'll have it early or later and it will be eventually a question of "should ammo exist in a game?" It's all about time... all about time, and stretching of the time too much for a computer game - it's not fun. And the fun is also a question of your own thoughts. For me every time I find a box of ammo is a "wow" moment, even when I've collected 10. Because I know I need them all in preparation to meeting with "soldiers". And if to speak about difficulty, I think, the right way developers have chosen is to make zombies more dangerous, extremely fast - so you need to shoot them often. Thinking about ammo accessibility - as opposed to military equipment rarity I believe you're able to find a kind of civilian rifle for hunting in every second village house in real (if we speak about such wild villages) and in fact - together with ammo, that's more logical. So, you never will find an ideal balance, need to accept that it's a game. There will be always someone with any gun, and ammo always will be collected, when they exist at all. Seems that such things can't be specially "leveled" when all people play together pretending to simulate real life. For example to not let you to reach military base before you've ran with a bow enough. We all don't want to get a kind of korean rpg about surviving, right? :)

daf added a comment.Apr 13 2014, 5:46 PM

And i think, if to reduce spawning of ammo, people won't think about saving them. They will shoot each other with the same enthusiasm, but thinking "what if loot some more ammo from that guy?"

Complety Agree too much M4 and a lot of green military clothes a lot of UN heltmets TTSKO jacket very easy to find same with "hunter pants" theyre very common we need more civilian clothes more pistols (with mags) less M4

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DayZ is pure brilliance, you can do and interact as you want. I have logged more than 300 hrs and yes I have plenty of ammo with M4, Mosin, shotgun, 1911, FNX and I have only re-spawned 7 times (died 6 times). I choose to play as a heavily armed player that patrols the coast helping other players survive by offering food, weapons, ammo and protection form KoS bandits and of course the highly intelligent ZEDS. DayZ is just perfect how it is because you can play it as you want and choose, also with the constant threat of being snuffed by some highly skilled and armed military commando or just the new spawned Bambi with a perfect right hook and lets not forget the camping sniper, it just wouldn't be the pure brilliance that makes DayZ perfect without all that loot.

Definately too much ammo, like said it doesnt feel realistic having so much ammo around after 10 years and it should be REWARDING when you find ammo.

I dont get though that people are complaining about bandits and saying that "this is a survival game not call of duty".
Bandits are essential part of the game cause thats exactly how it would play out in real life. You think someone would show you mercy just because you have a weaker gun?

huidube added a subscriber: huidube.May 8 2016, 3:38 PM

less mosin and m4, more sporter guns and pistols. its much more fun, if you cant kill with 1 shot or even have to reload to kill someone (if you dont hit his head or something).

and i have never seen an open quiver where you can only put 5 bolts into..
i can put 15 bolts into a bottle of water... how small is this quiver then?

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As long as the game mechanics does not allow fully improvised weaponry and collecting/refilling your cartridges, the bit overshooting military loot is perfectly fine.

As you cant use piece of rag and rope for a sling to shoot every second stone on the ground or pointy stick from the forest as melee weapon. It's act of balance that is easy to kill on either end. Personally I think finding correct ammo for a gun and lack of improvised weaponry is frustrating enough.

Hi JimmyJazz,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. The devs are continuously pulling data from the servers so that they'll be able to assess the state of the loot spawns. That way they'll be able to tweak the spawn ratios for each lootable item in case it looks badly askew.