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Adjusting Antialiasing while on ladder in cherno apartments causes you to die
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Basically you fall off of it and die.


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This bug is about falling from ladder caused by change of antialiasing.
For other issues related to ladders please try to find corresponding issue or create a new one. Thank you.

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Man! I just checked your video. Thanks. That's exactly what happened...

sheLLHD added a subscriber: sheLLHD.May 8 2016, 3:38 PM

I managed to reproduce the drop from the ladder with video footage of it.
8story and 12story building included

and I switched the Video settings for the first 2 videos, they're not private anymore.

Since i got dmg while changing AA while on a ladder, i think its possible to drop dead from there or atleast unconscious if your Health/Blood is low enough that the damage inpact i noticed is enough to make you pass out in anyway.

I think he got stock at the top he couldn't get on the roof... now that I re-read the topic... my situation as nothing to do with Anti Analysing...

its was at Berezino. Apartment "8 story-buidling roof lader" in front of the grocery store. I am pretty sure I had a M4. My friend said he was dead. Then he disconnected and I finally saw is corpse next to my feet.

hum btw the bro, you videos don't work it said its private... maybe its because I am not logged in...

I am still there I will give you the location... just a moment.

Reproduced parts of the bug

test at silo ladder without item in hand without falling or taking damage

test at chimney ladder with item (flashlight)in hand without falling but taking damage

couldn't test with a weapon since exp. servers are looted empty and it's pitch black so elevator shaft ladder in the big dubky appartments impossible to test and record.

I'm trying to reproduce it at the moment, could you tell me
wich kind of appartment/ladder
-8 story-buidling roof lader?
-12 story-building elevator ladder?
what item you had in hand before climbing up/down the ladder.?

... it happened to us...
I was following him on the ladder... cause I thought he was already out at the end.

So he goes he said he felt down, then I felt down too.

But he tried to go up again. Then he felt to is dead. Then I felt down too.

I survived...
I think my leg was broken but I could stand up.
I could not walk I was falling face down every try.

"a.w.s.d" same result... so I disconnected reconnected and was ok. I could not hear myself in pain anymore. could walk too back to normal. so I picked up my friend stuff...

since you are reading this... I am very sorry to ask you this... I know you guys are busy as hell... but I wish..ah I think you already know better I better shut up... lol but yeah so far so good... good job.

its happening in others apartment too not only cherno ;)

Yup. That just happened to my friend.

komin added a comment.Jan 17 2014, 1:40 PM

We appreciate your feedback, however we require additional information about your issue.

Please provide us with video (you can make it via Fraps, upload it on some sharing service and post link on it in comment) so we'll be able to address your issue.