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ATOC causes dotted textures/white dots
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I am currently using the XFX Radeon 7790 1GB Black Edition with the AMD 13.12 Beta Drivers (12/18/2013). When turning on the Anti-Aliasing to any level, and then turning on the Atoc, all textures of grass, trees and other environment textures used with atoc would cause dotted textures and white dots. This also happened in the DayZ Mod and Arma 2. {F29226}


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I am not sure if all AMD cards do this or if it is a driver problem but i had this problem with the DayZ Mod also.

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nsane added a comment.Jan 9 2014, 6:30 PM

So I think I may have found a fix for AMD users. Just override the game's AA settings with these in CCC and it seems to fix the problem for the most part.

And since you're overriding the game, just set the in-game AA setting to Low so you can still use ATOC (otherwise what's the point?) Also make sure that you're not using SMAA or FXAA under Edge Smoothing, since you'll be using AMD's MLAA instead. Although, I think their current implementation (MLAA v2.0) only works with 7000 series cards and above. So it might not look as good for older card owners.

Edit: I uploaded an example screenshot here since imgur kept trying to compress it which caused it to look like ass.

nsane added a comment.Jan 4 2014, 12:38 PM

Sounds like the same issue I'm having. Same card and driver.

I've looked around the net and found similar problem with ARMA games. It seems to happen on Nvidia cards as well. The workaround posted here...

...seems to help a bit (yes, you have to override the in-game AA settings). But it's still there if you look really closely.

Any ways, I've attached an example screenshot to the report. Look at the tree beyond the bridge and the grass on the top of the hill, to the right of my character.

Yeah nsane, i get exactly the same and is very annoying when you want to use ATOC to make the game look better and it just makes it look worse :/

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Junos added a comment.Feb 21 2014, 3:51 AM

nsane, I tried those settings, but it ended up causing a red line across the top and left edges of the screen, and overall visual quality was much worse; it seemed like no anti-aliasing was used at all. I have the latest stable drivers and a 7700 card. Thanks anyway. :)

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drouz added a comment.Apr 26 2014, 7:26 PM

lord__xenu on reddit posted this:

"This bugged me too for a long time on my 280x. After a lot of research, what helped me is to go the CCC 3d settings and set anisotropic filtering on "override application settings" to 4x or higher. Also turn "surface format optimization" off."

Ive tried the suggestions above, none of them worked. Im using an R9 280x on 14.4 catalyst control centre and drivers (newest)

Attached screenshot of issue (SniperVillan).

Sniper, that's exactly what i get but mine seems worse, i don't know :s i wonder if the driver made it a bit better, i doubt it though. AMD need to sort their shit out, Nvidia doesn't have this problem

Hello there,

this is a problem with AMD drivers and not the game itself. We cannot fix something that is caused by external software that is not developed by us. Unfortunately, we all will have to wait for AMD to fix this in some future driver release. For the time being, do not override any application settings in the drivers and you should be ok.