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Zombies fighting each other
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I know you said the "zombie fighting each other" was fixed but I just ran into 2 zombies where 1 of them were attacking the other, after a few hits the other zombie died but the surviving zombie kept hitting the air.


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Here are some screenshots I took when I stumbled upon this "bug".

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I saw something like this once. I didn't stick around to see how it ended; I was running from one zombie and ran past 2 other zombies that were entirely absorbed with lunging at/walking into each other.

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I confirm this bug

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can still confirm with the lastest game version: 32.114557

video proof:

this glitch happens a lot when a player disconnects if he was being chased by a zombie even tho he left the game the zombie AI still thinks that their is a active player their so it may appear that their fighting but really their hitting a ghost player