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Xbox 360 controller
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When using the Xbox 360 controller I am unable to use equipped melee weapons with the right trigger and I am unable to customize or assign action in settings. All running movements are ok but better use could be made of directional buttons on the controller.


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well the problem is simple. Use mouse and keyboard like normal PC Gamers

LudwigX added a subscriber: LudwigX.May 8 2016, 3:34 PM

It is "not so simple".
The game offers xinput by default and this means that it should work.

wirher added a subscriber: wirher.May 8 2016, 3:34 PM

Why is this downvoted? "genuine PC gamers" are damn kiddies.

just like playing on my flat screen with game pad sometimes what's the problem with that? I have paid for a copy of the game so don't I have the same rights as everyone else to submit an issue?

Please up-vote you guys, I'm having the same problem here! I'm not able to edit my inventory, or customize my controls!!!

please refrain from using bread knobs (xboxes or ps4's)(controllers) on pure games like dayZ


I feel the same way! Just bc it works for you people whom play with you keyboard and mouse, doesn't mean you have to come here and down vote this due to it meeting only your satisfactory. We're only tryin to make this work best for everyone!

Its nice that all the down voters dont give a damn about other players who would like functionality from a game they paid for. Issues should be upvoted because theyre actual problems, not downvoted because you think people should only play with a mouse n keyboard. Grow up people. Lets make this game great for everyone who purchases it.

I wouldn't even mind if it had some keys on the keyboard. But the fact is that all you can do is run around. I can't pull up my items, shoot, pull up my weapon and or loot body's! Why even allow a 360 controller to connect?!

ryuuou added a subscriber: ryuuou.May 8 2016, 3:34 PM

Too many keys probaply to controller.

Well this is hard to do bc i play on a big screen! If i would have known this i would not have bought this shit! Dont make a game that only acts like it will play with a controller!