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Sound that alerts players their thirst/hunger level has changed persistant after game is no longer running
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The water like sound used in DayZ to alert the player that their thirst/hunger level has risen is reproducing itself outside of the game. This only happens when I have steam running but I do not need to be in DayZ or in any game for it to occur. It is not in a looped cycle repeating in any sequence, it just happens randomly. The last time it occurred was round 6am PST and again at 954am PST 12/27/2013. The first time was during Rome Total War 2, the second time while watching hulu, both with steam running in the background. I have also noticed that the Process sometimes does not fully shut down after the program has ended, this is reproducible only when the game does not display a server list and freezes when trying to exit the program, after using task manager to kill the application, the process still maintains and causes the rest of my system to falter. This problem became such a burden that it started crashing my computer and forcing it to lock up, only a complete reinstall of the operating system fixed the issue.


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While reviewing other posts the sound has occurred again this time only in the left ear of headset 1016am 12/27/2013. Would like to make a not that I have not run DayZ at all and these sounds are occurring even after my computer has been restarted.

Can you record this and upload it? Very creepy. There's no sound AFAIK to notify if your thirsty or hungry. Maybe you have a virus?