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Restart ANY SERVER with a simple command.
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If you go into any DayZ Standalone server and type "#vote restart" it will restart the server immediately. A buddy of mine told me about this a few days ago and I figured it was a pretty bad problem that needed to be fixed.

i took out the actual command.


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Type in direct chat #vote restart

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Please please please edit this post to remove the command. People will read and exploit this.

Wow, confirmed! That is a really BIG issue... I don't thing regular player should be able to restart any server even in alpha.

@Merrick I thought about making it private but who knows how long it would have taken for any person able to fix it to see it. I figure if I have it public it will gather attention faster and get fixed faster. If an admin or mod wants to make it private go ahead I understand why.

Please delete this post and make a new one. The command isn't hidden just because you changed the text....

This is a repeat of a issue thats already been CONFIRMED and is beeing worked on by the devs.

Also dont post the commands in this forum like stated above people will exploit the shit out of it

That is crazy..

Why did you put the command back in? This should be deleted ASAP.

didnt want people abusing, bug still works