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Hacker was able to teleport me and my friend into the sky and to our deaths.
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Sadly, it would seem as if teleport hacks are back just as bad as they were in the mod.

Me and my friend were on top of an apartment building overlooking Balota when a guy in a white shirt came up and looked at us, we shot him in the chest and then within a few seconds zombies started spawning out of the air all over the roof of the building.

After that, we were then teleported into the sky west of Pavlovo, just outside of the border of the map where the "debug plains" are.

My friend died by hitting the ground, I logged out and thankfully appeared on the ground and was okay..

Sadly I still ended up killing my character as a habit from the mod, I know if you get teleported you can have all sorts of stuff go wrong with your character down the road (bugs related to it) so it's better off to just kill yourself.

I believe this happened on the Gameservers 2-5 Australian server at around 3:30am on Saturday, 28 December East Coast Australia time, but I am not positive as my history tab does not seem to be working properly.


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Please fix this, it is the reason I stopped playing the mod.

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