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Unbreakable handcuffs
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Despite the fact that handcuffs can usually be broken out of given enough time through struggling, there seems to be random occurrences where you are unable to break free from them. This is despite the state of the handcuffs; pristine or ruined.

I would have assumed this to be a feature, however, after a certain period of time it does become possible to use items from the inventory although you are still kept in the restraint animation.

Possible crossover with reported issue: 0002178


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Unfortunately reproduction tends to be random.

Repeatedly handcuff other player until they are unable to break free from restraints.

Possibly may be something to do with staying in the kneeling position while cuffed.

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This is not my video. Video taken from live stream broadcaster Lirik:

I have personally only experienced it on two occasions so far.

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This happened to me once. A buddy tried his hand cuffs on me and i wasn't able to get out of them.
Yet disconnecting from the server and reconnecting removed the cuffs!

Supposedly last patch killed you if you disconnected while hand cuffed. Yet, it doesn't.