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Shock can not be cured by Epi-Pen
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Yesterday I get a gunshot wound and my screen became blurry. I cant cure it by Epi-Pen (i tried twice). I have a full blood level and i am not sick.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a gunshot wound (with Shock).
  2. Bandage.
  3. Get a blood transfusion.
  4. Use Epi-Pen.
  5. ??????
  6. FAIL

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*Resolved temporarily by entrance to the video settings. After restart blur gets back.

Epinefrine (Adrenaline) isn't used against shock, it's to reanimate someone
(Unfortunately that doesn't work atm so there is a bug with the epi pen, but differently from what you wrote.)

(Note: I'm not sure how you Americans are used to write Epinefrine, Adrenaline or reanimate, so bear with me)

Sidenote: Saline Bag IV can be used to reanimate someone, not sure if that's intended, but there you go