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Can't run while eating
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While i was enjoying my sardines i was disturbed by a zombie who wanted to eat something (my sardines or my body). So I wanted to run away but my caracter wouldn't want to run so i dies while eating my sardines ;p


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hah, ya this happened to me also. There is a cancel action button but it's too damn slow. I accidentally drank some cleaner once while trying to click a soda but the damn thing wouldn't cancel and i died from sickness.. :|

Franzuu added a subscriber: Franzuu.May 8 2016, 3:32 PM

cancel action works quite well.

once proper animation blending is added to the engine you will be able to move and eat at the same time.

Geez added a comment.Mar 23 2015, 5:44 PM

Hello ijsman01 and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. Please retest on latest build and report back to us in case the issue re-appears.