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Game does not fully utilize GPU
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My GeForce GTX 770 (EVGA SC ACX edition) is not being stressed. The game tends to run at the lower/non-boost clock and even with the boost clock, the game itself does not put more than 60% load on my GPU. That contrasts other games, i.e. BF4 and ACIV, which take it up to 100%.

This makes the game lag, of course, and no one likes lag.


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Load game, non-boost clock mode is automatically on.
Look at ground, boost clock.
The two clock speeds alternate at times of different graphical stress (looking at the sun/god rays might take it to non-boost, looking at the ground seems to bring it back up).

GPU load is never near 100%, usually around 60% or even less--ALL THE TIME.

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I noticed this in the ArmA 2 mod as well.

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The Arma 2 engine invented the term Bottle Neck in 1991 I believe (Joking).

All jokes a side it is a rather dated engine, the fact that she don't like to use more then 2 CPU cores says a lot. I feel your pain and second this post - I doubt anything will come of it. I think everyone that wrote the Arma 2 engine died of old age by now. (Another Joke)

I don't see anything wrong with GPU usage. Probably your cpu or the server is bottlenecking.

Turn every graphic setting to max to get higher utilization.

Doesn't matter the settings, the GPU doesn't get used enough. CPU is an i5-3570k at stock, nothing else is running, plenty of RAM and VRAM is not full. Turned it all to max and I get 20 fps at 25% usage. (Numbers vary, but always low.)

This is a known "problem" of the Arma engine. (unless you're experiencing some rarer issue I haven't heard about).

Your fps is limited by server/CPU performance.

Try putting everything to max in the main menu before joining server. If you get higher gpu usage then the gpu utilization is not the problem.

This is solely based on my experiences on the Arma series, so there might indeed be some utilization issue only in Dayz.

Interesting, I'll check out the main menu thing. And I do notice boost clock is activated at the main menu, and FPS is generally high. Although: changing settings in the main menu can take it down to its suckish level, sometimes/randomly.

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Nice... I guess you got really lucky then! In any case, your comment that "the game isn't finished" seems rather silly; the whole point of feedback is to tell the devs specifically WHAT isn't finished yet...

It's probably because the game isn't finished? Game optimisation isn't done. I run a 680 and a 3570k @ 4.2Ghz. I run max settings and I have no issues, even with the 80-90% utilisation. All of my cores are used so... It's not limited to 2 cores.

I get this same issue and I really hope that the DayZ team work to make DayZ utilize more of my computer. I get similar fps at very high settings as I do at low/disabled simply because gpu utilization goes down.
I've also got a 4670k and utilization never goes above 60%! This makes sense given how Greenfist said that the game only uses two cores but that seems unacceptable in modern gaming. Please fix this devs!
i5-4670k @ 4.5ghz
16GB 2400mhz RAM
Samsung 840 SSD