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Summary of every building where items are burried/invisible
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I will be trying them, taking pictures of them. If anyone can relate to any of them; post below!

Note*: Hospitals: Items on the roof are invisible/burried. Rest is fine

Note***: I basically run into buildings, if I see no loot: I press tab to see vicinity items, if there are; then items are burried. If I items showing on floor, chairs...etc; I wont mark the building as a potential burrier. {F29185} {F29186} {F29187} {F29188} {F29189} {F29190} {F29191} {F29192} {F29193} {F29194} {F29195}


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In the black/ dark wooded houses is no Loot
In the militairy tents with woodenfloor dont have Loot
Some Littlehouses (dont know the right word) dont ahve loot since the last update.

I hope this is what you ment ...

Attaching a screenshot of the interior of a house at the North-East corner of Zelenogorsk where i found burried loot by accident.

Loot spawn "should" be around the center of the screenshot.

1 of the items was a T-Shirt, so not that small.. but not visible at all.

I have checked the new buildings (the 5 floor apartment blocks near Cherno and Balota). While I have not gone into ALL of them, I have checked a large amount. When I found loot most of it was clipping into the floor or tables. The only exception were the medkits, but then again they are large enough to stand out so it's possible all item spawns need to be offset in those buildings.

Confirming what HellDuke stated:

The 5 Story apartment buildings have ALL their loot offset by approximatly 5cm.

Added screenshots above.

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Barns sometimes have loot buried in the muck, maybe this is a feature though...

Castle bulding. I always see something under one of the floors when I go up the stairs and its not posible to take it

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Cargo Ship that has gone aground has loot spawning in the life boats, you cannot access them.

Also has one place where it spawns loot in the air, however these are accessible. attaching screenshots

Coordinates are 138-042

Also zombies tend to move at the same level as the loot is. They will glitch through the ground.

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I've attached a screenshot of an invisible loot spawn ("invisible factory loot.jpg"). It's located in the southwestern part of the factory between Polana and Orlovets at ground level. You will see the pile of bricks if you enter the building from west.