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Storage Containers/Medkit/Backpack Redundancy
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Game allows you to place storage containers or medkits within each other, thus increasing total amount of storage space without using more inventory space. Currently a container uses 4 inventory slots, but provides 6 within. If you place a container within the container, it only utilizes 4 of the 6 slots, and still provides 6 more of it's own. End result is 8 total inventory slots, while still only using 4 slots on your person. This can be repeated to gain an infinite amount of inventory space, provided you have the containers to do so. {F29180} {F29181}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open container/medkit
  2. Place different container/medkit inside
  3. Open embedded container/medkit.
  4. Enjoy 8 slots for the price of 4

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you can do this with anything... you can do even a bagception... store a FULL mountain bag inside another one and enjoy 10 free slots... you can do this infinite more times

though i do agree that this should change its perfectly realistic for example those yellow boxes in RL are pretty big and medkits are moderately small and will fit inside them...with that said in the long run of this game storage devices should be limited to NOT being able to put stuff in them.

I feel that you shouldn't be able to put the same container into another of the same type. Since they are the same dimension it wouldn't work but different styles should fit into one another, But to the backpack in a backpack, if u store a empty backpack in another it should only take half the amount of slots as it does at this point in time, but if you chose to put any amount of items in the backpack it should retain the amount of slots each one takes up as of now. Reason being a empty backpack folds up since its fabric and one with anything in it will not.

I could see empty soft items being stored inside another item. But not hard shell items like this, thats just silly. Any hard items inside a soft item should give the soft a minimum requirement of slots equal to the hard item. I can stuff a tshirt in my pants pocket. But not if its wrapped around a book.

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I agree. You shouldn't be able to place bags in another bag or container in another container. This is definitely an exploit.


This is not an exploit, just an unrealistic mechanic as it is currently implemented. If the game were designed so that you could not nest containers, but you *exploited* a bug in order to do so, then the term exploit would be appropriate.

@dustincowles this is definitely an exploit and cannot be "As Designed" reason being; how can you put a "Small Protector Case" inside another "Small Protector Case" ? It is a hard-case and has the same dimensions. This would not be possible IRL, and the fact that DayZ is being based very closely to a simulated/realistic environment, leads me to believe that it was not planned.

Another point that I want to make is that you can't do this for all bags i.e. can't put a medic bag inside another medic bag. Only certain ones which is another reason why I think it is an exploit.

"Exploit" is a term used for a method to bypass a restriction put in place by the developer. In this case there was not a restriction put in place. Huge difference.

That is not the complete definition. To put it simply; an exploit is gaining an advantage in a game in a method which was not designed to be given by the developers of the game. Whether there was a restriction bypass or lack of a restriction. That does not matter.

If you want to carry on arguing with me about this then go right ahead but I'm not going to argue about semantics.

You must not understand what exploit means; that's fine, it is not important. For the time being it is either a design oversight, intended feature, or more likely the restriction is just not implemented yet.

Also, the reason the medical bags cannot be nested is because the contents are restricted to medical supplies only; the cases by design are not restricted to a specific item type. If you could perform some action to bypass that restriction (like say swapping a medical supply in-place) and nest a medical bag, that would be an exploit since you are using a glitch to bypass an implemented restriction.

I hate to f*&%ing do this but:

"Game mechanics
Taking advantage of the systems that make up the gameplay. A game mechanics exploit is not a bug—it is working as designed, but at the same time is not working as intended."

Ok, now I'm done just found it intellectually insulting for you to just negate the fact the definition is a lot broader than what you think it is by simply stating that I "dont know what it means".

Hello everyone,

Thank you for sending in all your feedback regarding this issue. The devs have been made aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Please feel free to follow the issue for further updates.



Hello everyone,

Closing issue since it is resolved in the latest internal build.

Thank you all again for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.