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suggestion: various smaller suggestions
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...regarding the current state and build of DayZ:

1)option to empty bottles/canteens (if no purification pills but a fresh water sources are available)

2)loot takes damage if you shoot at it or hit it with a melee weapon (e.g. baseball bat hitting a on the ground lying handgun)

3)option to drink/eat continuously until whole content is depleted. drink from water pumps/wells until your stomach feels full

4)if Climbing through a window is not possible, maybe an animation to jump/ dive headlong through windows.

5)let some sinks/toilets still have some water?

6)store items in cooking pots

7)possibility to interrutpt ongoing animations

8)option to look around properly when using a ladder

9)option to quickly leave ladders?

10)put loot in your hands and carry it in your hands, if there is no free slot in your inventory available. You would need to lay the item down to access other items in your inventory. (e.g.: carry mosin on back, hold M4A1 in your hands)

11)option - hotkey to drop items you currently hold in your hands

12)make first aid boxes on the walls of some buildings actually lootable

13)sitting locks body (as with ALT) and one is only able to turn head instead of whole body

14)sitting on benches

15)option to use rotten food with canteen/bottle of water for contamination purposes.

16)suggestion for loot: chocolate bars: one on each server contains a golden ticket to the hype train.

17)shades and helmets may lessen sun glare

18)some handcuffs may also come with their keys already

19)option to "use flashlight with compass" to find directions at night

20)in addition to visible breath: head (maybe even shoulders) should be steaming when player is audibly exhausted due to running/sprinting

21)visibility of breath also from zeds/other players?

22)pointing as a gesture

23)keybinding: toggle/equip next/last item in quickbar

24)indicator in quickbar where item is actually placed (backpack, top, trousers, container...)

25)wider area in which you can select and pick up loot. scavenging loot outside the inventory is just a tedious inconvenience

26)better balance between the two looting techniques. (inventory/vicinity - direct)

27)better control over "placing loot in your vicinity"

28)option to use already emptied cans to refill with fresh water, as long as they are in the players hands. returning the can to the inventory spills all its content.

29)contents of damaged bottles/canteens shall decrease over time; use of duct tape may inhibit this though

30)bind loot rate/availability to amount of active players on server. The more players on a server the more (special) loot. a "soft" way to prevent "gearing up on empty, private servers"

31)option to "push open" certain (random) doors of shacks/buildings, may it be using only the body or by using tools (crowbar), adds noises and a new trade-off option

32)looting of containers (cupboards, fridges, lockers, etc); action menu shows "loot xyz" when cursor points to container. 5-10s animation that indicates looting process -> random loot added into the vicinity window of inventory.
Several pros: you don't have to actually spawn the loot into the world as long as nobody searches for it. effectively more items available for gamers but without the corresponding load for the server. slower pace in scavenging (already rushing through buildings in current builds)


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  1. randomly pre-close/open doors in chernarussian world. else you'd immediately see if place has been already looted.
  1. many already open the inventory and run through buldings to effectively loot them. please do something against that. it ruins the whole scavenging aspect of the game.
  1. directly drinking from water pumps (and being infected with a disease) leads to infecting the pump as well. this means drinking from a pump is not automatically a bullet-proof way to safely consume water.
  1. swamps are just "ankle-deep" at most (at least on the south coasts)! is this supposed to be a swamp then?! change something about that
  1. head-torch: option to turn on/off head torch the same way as the normal headlight(pressing F for action menu etc..)
  1. don't allow to carry weapons on the back, if there is no backpack available. one should carry it in one'S hands then. (
  1. add broken glass inside and outside of all those broken windows (maybe even a certain noise-pattern later on?) (
  1. opening cans with tools should degrade quality of said tools (exception: can opener)
  1. blood bags should be useless after quite some time. using fresh (cool) water to keep blood bags cool (and regular replacement with fresh water)??
  1. server hopping/farming etc. ideas:

.) time-dependent volatile inventory (captured items will be saved only after X amount of time on the server)
.) increasing spawn-radius dependent on time spent on previous server.

  1. how about pools/open barrels etc... filled with water (due to rain) in populated areas (such as towns), therefore less water pumps/wells in towns. In contrast to this, add more water pumps to farms and homesteads!
  1. add new status to distinguish between "destroyed" and "spoilt". e.g. rags can hardly be destroyed by gun-shots however spoilt easily.
  1. using a scope should blind (blur) out the surroundings. the fov through the scope is the same as right/left of it. this doesn't make any sense.
  1. zooming with RMB should be inhibited altogether. it just doesn't make any sense. sure everyone uses it but it would add to the supsense, being not able to zoom in to investigate one's surroundings.
  1. bug patterns on forest-floors?
  1. cobwebs in some scenes.
  1. keep food in hands after eating. it's annoying that you always have to reselect the food item in your inventory, after eating from it.
  1. place last used items again in hands after using the ladder. it's annoying that you always have to reselect the item in your inventory, after using the ladder.
  1. think about existing garages and sheds: will vehicles be able to park in them?
  1. add ingame possibility to see the actual server one is playing at (like in the menu).
  1. add possibility to arrange serverlist history chronologically.
  1. calm down/mute wildlife while it is raining and storming heavily
  1. add patterns of shards of glass in most houses
  1. expand the idea and mechanic of berry-picking on ground textures
  1. server-browser: implement a timer which counts down to signal if it is safe to join a server or if you would get wiped due to server-hopping countermeasures. also to show you how long you would need to wait to actual spawn into the game.
  1. server-browser: add mechanic and button to report servers immediately
  1. bananas: tbh i eat such bananas which are referred to as "rotten" in this game, maybe a change of textures to be really completely rotten may be a thing.(
  1. item: bricks (can be found in those construction sites)
  1. rope(cloth) + knife + rifle = weapon sling; being able to carry a rifle over one's shoulder ONLY if you have sling, else you'd need to carry it in your hands
  1. settlement NE of Lopatino needs some work (with train station) thw whole location doesn't seem to make much sense. why would there be a train station? however Lopatino is somewhat near, but has no access?
  1. all smaller objects shouldn't have a visible number for their quantity as long as you wouldn't "inspect" them. humans are only able to "immediately" perceive quantities of objects if their count isn't greater or equal to 5.
  1. if anyhow possible: mechanic and animation to overcome chest-high obstacles (e.g. platforms on railway stations or loading zones in the supermarket) it's unbelieveably annoying and adds to that clunkiness of the game, we all would love to experience less.
  1. physics-related: consider angular momentum when throwing items.atm it looks weird when you throw something (minecraft-like). objects shouldn't remain "stable" in the air until they hit something.

By throwing there should already be some kind of inertia to the object

  1. only certain objects and loot can be taken into hands. consider to expand the number of objects you can carry in your hands (backpacks, clothing, helmets). It would be very useful to carry certain objects rom A to B at times.
  1. considering children's bags, how about messenger bags or shoulder bags or even sea/kit bags.
  1. bows:

ashwood -> simple longbow
hazelnut -> weak children's bow
yew wood -> effective and best possible longbow /shortbow
elm wood -> simple "ancient" bow

with animals: also use tendons to reinforce bows

  1. consider smaller mammals that can make really eerie sounds at night like hedgehogs, badgers or even squirrels.
  1. consider, in addition to buckshot shells also birdshot shells. to get more/any useable meat from birds and smaller mammals one would need these.
  1. consider some "fresh" spawning places for loot such as: in kennels, on windowsills, in bins
  1. take burning log from fireplace = weapon/torch (should have a highly deterrent effect upon animals)
  1. ashes as loot. ashes + water = disinfectant paste and also a camo painting. it also serves as ideal insect/bug repellant
  1. placing rocks/stones into the fire heats them to use them for medical treatment and/or as a source of warmth for a short hike/walk.
  1. kitchenfoil as loot. you could cook basically anything wrapped in foil and you could build nice conspiracy-hats
  1. zippos as robust source to ignite the fire
  1. fireplace + ammo = explosions (distraction?)
  1. shovel + fireplace = dead fireplace fire extinguisher + fireplace = dead fireplace
  1. boil (salt-)water (+ herbs) for inhalation purposes (treating colds)
  1. use (special) stones/rocks to sharpen blades, sharp edges such as knives, axes, hatchets etc.
  1. add sounds to the piano if you hit it with a bullet or a melee weapon
  1. use axe with shovel, other axe, pitchfork etc to create stakes/poles
  1. matches are useless when you and your inventory are "soaked"
  1. consider tinder fungus ingame to be used as tinder to start fires
  1. a used flare shouldn't go right back in your inventory. trying to do so should be restricted or should destroy the container (bottom,top, backpack etc.)
  1. add several different stages for craftable objects - proper workflows with proper time consumption:
  1. other chars as well as zeds should generate visible breath (vapor) (bug report: )
  1. when soaked, you shouldn't be able to fire matches, flares, wood etc. from your inventory
  1. mute or at least tone down enivronmental sounds while it's raining (heavily).
  1. if it rains heavily you might find worms also without the use of a hoe or shovel
  1. duct tape insta-fixes every ruined item into at least very badly damaged or even into damaged state. (wasting all of it in the process)
  1. being able to "use" stone with running vehicle's gas pedal
  1. deer antlers as loot -> possibility for deadly traps later on
  1. chance to find a worm in apples or the like.
  1. shirt + 3 small stones = melee weapon
  1. allow "searching for things" even with an object present in your hands
  1. add a situational "take" and a "dump" button in the "inspect" menu

ad 75) kitchenfoil (or alternatively space blankets)

  • an alternative to cook meals without the use of pans or pots
  • ability to create reflective surfaces
  • coat: stops the loss of heat
  • tinfoil hat

ad 89) more effects from (heavy) rain:

  • environmental sounds should be almost muted (no birds, no wind, no anything besides rain)
  • loud sounds on metal surfaces/ inside of buildings /cars etc.
  • AI shall also seek shelter: deer/kettle etc. in barns, infected in buildings etc.
  • easier to creep up on animals or zeds due to the noise of heavy rain
  • flammable items shall get a "downtime" if soaked or just wet, such as kindlings, paper, matches, steel wool, etc...
  1. dynamically de/increasing sprinting speed (especially regarding inclines):

especially uphill the current situation is completely unrealistic. Depending on the surface and the height-map your char constantly switches between (if sprint-button is pressed) sprinting, jogging and walking which does not only look somewhat ridiculous but is also highly problematic in typical fight or flight scenarios due to the abrupt and unpredictable change.
therefore i suggest:
dynamically decreasing speed according to the height-map so that there are no binary steps between sprinting and jogging but a more fluent transition between the two.

might also be influenced by:

  • footwear
  • weather
  • stamina and/or health
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  1. dynamically forced sounds when colliding with stationary/static objects:
    • when colliding with chain-link fence,
    • when colliding with tables/chairs,
    • when bumping into a static car,
    • when bumping into these stone walls (maybe even with visuals: small stones rumbling down etc.),
    • when bumping into a door,
    • when jumping into hay,
    • etc.

specific sounds these static objects would make when hit somehow by a player or AI.

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  1. hay hook:
    • should be able to be used to move hay balls around
    • also to move them onto the cargo area of a vehicle
  1. wading animations for water higher than ankle/knee/waist
  2. barrel + green spray-paint + ghillie suit + knife/cutter/pliers = makeshift hunting blind
  1. cell phones:

since you can have and maintain a more or less functional local network by yourself and the fact that there are certain brands which also come with built-in walkie-talkie functionality you would also have a device with additional possibilities:

  • flashlight (including morse-functionality)
  • camera functionality
  • peer to peer wifi
  • bluetooth
  • NFC (being able to flash an app with simple UID on your device for high-tech base-access only :P)
  • very few apps such as offline maps even?


  1. -Heracleum sosnowskyi-

can cause photosensitivity and burns and even blindness if untreated.

  1. stove top espresso makers
  1. ignite fires via use of cattle prod and/or taser
  1. metal wire + battery -> makeshift-igniter suggestion: fireplace kit + battery + wire = burning fire
  1. be able to harvest lense(s) from (badly) damaged scopes/binoculars
  1. use lenses to create a fire: suggestion: scopes/binocular lense(s) + fireplace kit + 10 ingame minutes at daytime in clear sky
  1. destroying benches via "small object interaction" leads to [melee weapon] plank with protruding nails
  1. batteries explode if exposed to blunt force/fire
  1. inflammable hay bales
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  1. creaking sound when walking on wooden floor of some older buildings
  2. small props such as anthills, bee hives, cob webs, wasp nests, for a more "nature took it back" vibe.