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Items spawning under platforms in Rog Castle
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I went on a hike to Rog Castle to get geared up but was unable to find anything there. While walking up the stairs I saw some items floating beneath the platform where they should be. I don't know wether it happens somewhere else or if it has something to do with the server. You can't pick up those items. {F29165} {F29166} {F29167}


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Go to Rog Castle and enter the big tower in the middle. While walking up the stairs to the top look under the middle platform and the top platform. Look at the attached pictures if you can't find it.

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My brother managed to pick up some pants that were floating below the platform here but when he did swap with his pants, his dropped below the floor and he was unable to get any of the items he had stored in his pockets.

This is an issue happening at leats at Devil castle, and Black Mountain ( both tested )

Confirmed, in addition to this, see "rog_02.jpg" and you'll notice that you can pick up the items in the vicinity. This is odd because the detection radius for pick up is clearly a long way down the Y axis than the item itself.

Foung that issue too. In Rog castle in main tower(donjon) items spawn under the floors on 2 and 3 floors. If u close enoph, you can pick it up.

also same are: