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Its really hard to hit zombies.
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Sometimes i hit the zombies and it does not register the hit.Also zombies are going through walls.I think that the biggest problem.Everything else is fine but sometimes it gets unplayable, you loot a lot of stuff and then you die because you cant hit the zombies.It just wont registrate the hit.
I hope you fix is soon.You improved the game so much.I like it a lot but you really need to fix this problem.
I hope you read this.
Best regards.


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You need to be right up on a zombie to hit it with melee weapons. I've not been seeing a problem when using an axe. The clipping, tho, is a known issue.

I always go near zombies like 1 cm from them.Does not help one bit.
It wont show blood.Or where ever i aim i still cant hit.

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No problem here.
The problem is the player.

It's random for me. There are times I'll be getting hit and I hit them and and nothing (this happens often). The other times are fine(occurs the most).

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There seems to be a hard border in which you can hit zombies,... I don't have any Problems hitting a zombies with fists and axes,... though you should aim to their face.

No Problem for me, beside of this clipping throu walls and so on, but as it was said before, this is already known.

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I have the same problem randomly. Its a bit harder now with the latest update as the Zombies seam to have a reach further than what it looks like they should have, and their hit point look like they have increased.


zombies do register hits properly. Unless you miss that is. The only reason that hits wouldn't register is high latency/ping which is not something we can fix.