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Desyncing through walls/structures
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When players collide with ex. walls, they appear to run through them. The server also thinks the player run through the wall, which means that when the player reconnects, he will spawn at the desynced position. You can use this to breach through walls and enter otherwise unreachable places.
The desync also affects fire fights. You have literaly no real sense of where your character really are. If I run inside a building and collide with a few walls, the server and other player will see me on the outside, and they will be able to kill me.


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Collide with something.

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This is currently pretty game breaking, and it is easy to abuse to gain huge advantages. You can breach into unreachable spots in high trafficated buildings and clip out to kill players.
As for the hit detection desync; you can sneak up on a player, shoot him with a lethal doze, and he will still have enough time to turn and fire some shots before the hits registers.

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Other players are able to see you in a building. When you move around in a building, other players see you constantly moving through walls even from outside of the building.

Where is duplicate? i cant find.
In this video player runs into the wall but I can see it from the outside