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How to crack down on server time abuse
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To prevent things from becoming "24/7 daylight 1000 vehicles max weapon spawns!" Which by the way is a game mode called "Wasteland" in Arma if you want to play it.

Here is the solution to the problem:
(All servers on the public hive will have to abide by these rules.)

  1. All servers admins will have the ability to set a time zone for the server that will be day and night when they want.
  1. This ability to set the time zone can be used once a week and will have a 2 hour period after it has been set to be changed.
  1. The day and night cycle will be 24 hours real time.
  1. Server time will not change on restart and instead continue on.
  1. Any server admin caught trying to abuse things for a 24/7 daylight server or something like that will have a single chance to set the time zone before being locked out of time control for a month.


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This solution means that you set the server time zone to be day when you play and gives the chance for players to sneak around at night at the opposite time. You would have your approximately 12 hours of daylight and the chance to choose when this is.

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The only thing that I want to see is the ability to increase the passage of time to 6 hour days, or something simliar. I want time to pass at a rate that makes the starvation mechanic believable and make the transitions to be a constant time pressure.

This addition would increase atmosphere and allow players to stop jumping around to servers to avoid night.

Why not make starvation match the current time cycle?

because you'll only need to eat 4 or 5 times each 15 hours. Which is not enough to keep the pressure on anyone.

24 hours cycle? Cool, I'll stuck at playing at night only....
But wise idea tweaking time is really needed.

No. The starvation mechanic needs adjusted for real-time. The clock doesn't need adjusting for starvation.