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Trying to do a running vault doesn't always work.
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Sometimes my character will happily hop in the air like a prancing deer (bambi?), but sometimes he stops to do the "step-over" animation.


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Run around vaulting, trying with weapon raised and lowered.

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It seems to be linked to whether I have my weapon raised or lowered, but is not consistent. Sometimes I can running vault whilst my weapon is raised, but when I lower it, my character always does a step-over. But sometimes it is vice-versa, my character will only running vault when I have my weapon lowered. But I have also had times when it works absolutely fine no matter where my weapon is, although I think that is only for a short while after I have logged in and then it reverts to one of the above. I have never had a case where I cannot running vault at all, it always gets stuck on my weapon being raised or lowered and I simply switch my weapon stance to be able to vault again but only with my weapon in that position.

Overall, it is just inconsistent.

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similar issue here, maybe tied to the stuck walking bug?

Might have to do with the inclination of the terrain. I noticed it makes your character run slower uphill which agian might not trigger the jumping.

My friend can running vault successfully every time, but me its always switching walk or run vault when i walk or run. Sometimes i can jump while walking or jump while running. I dont know what it is. But it is annoying because if you are running from someone or something it could easily get you killed.

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Overall it just isn't consistent.


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the problem regarding jumping is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #225.

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