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Zombies Die when running down hills
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zombies tumble over, it looks as if they trip, when they run down hill(s).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. aggro a zombie on the top of the hill
  2. run down the hill
  3. zombie falls over and dies while running after you
Additional Information

tested 3 times on the hill west of Berezino.
didn't get a chance to record this happening.

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Can reproduce this.
At the Moment I'm Using this "feature" to kill more Zeds silently at once.

Don't know if we consider it as a feature or bug, because Zeds are not that smart and will not slowly get downhill imo.

Indeed, the animation how the Zed dies downhill have to be fixed!

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Zombies should fall going fast downhill, they are not well coordinated, they just fall in very steep slopes as it should... Another question would be if they should always die from that...